Rodent Proofing

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Proofing, also known as exclusion, is one of the best methods for controlling rats and mice. These little critters can get into the smallest areas, rats can enter through holes the size of a quarter, and mice can enter anything the size of a dime! In most homes, there are numerous areas of entry, things people wouldn’t even notice.

SF Rodent Control specializes in sealing all points of entry-anything the size of a dime or bigger, this is essential when it comes to rodent proofing your home! ! We vow to go through your entire home to find every possible area they can get in from, and use multiple materials to ensure they can’t get in ever again.

Taking Care of Your Proofing Needs

It is very important to know that rodent proofing, or exclusion, work will not be effective forever without neutralizing their scent of direction, so it is very important that the problem be addressed from all angles!


While many companies opt for trap setting and even poison, we have found a very effective way to get rid of your rats with no poison, no toxic chemicals, and more importantly it’s a permanent solution. SF Rodent Control provides the best options for tackling rodent control!

The Damage Rodents Can Cause to Your Home


When a homeowner eventually realizes that they have a rodent problem, it is typically never just one mouse. Not only do rodents spread disease, but they can also cause a great deal of damage to the structure of your home as well as eating and contaminating your food and your pet’s food. There are several ways rodents can cause destruction:


Home's Interior As rodents begin to seek shelter and they ultimately choose your home, they will begin to look for a suitable place to nest. This can entail them sharpening their teeth on your walls, furniture, and wood structure. If they find anything soft, such as bedding or insulation, it is fair game to them and this is only the beginning with their destructive ways in the home.


Electrical Wiring – It is no surprise that rodents love to chew, so when you have a rodent infestation in your home they can and will start to cause damage to your wires and electrical appliances. This type of damage can put your home at risk for a fire hazard and costly repairs. This will keep occurring the longer the rodent issue is not dealt with.


Safety & Health – When rodents are living in your home, you are at risk for the diseases they may be carrying. In addition to the chewing through the wires, they are defecating and urinating as well. It is commonly known that mouse fur and droppings can cause serious harm to your family’s respiratory health and cause illness.


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